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The Hunt Begins

The Hunt Begins

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How much heartbreak can one person take? Perizada, high fae, ambassador, mate, and friend to those in the Romanian pack, has lost her way. Everything about the fae is in question: her loyalty, her love, even her very existence. Still, her friends refuse to give up hope.

The Order’s compound has been brought to the ground, reduced to ash, but can Perizada’s attack even be considered a victory given the sacrifice made to achieve it? What of the innocents trapped within the compound’s walls? Were any of those lives spared?

Even with all they have faced, the challenges, the loss and pain, Fane, Jacque, their pack, and allies remain steadfast in their fight against evil. Past experiences give them hope that not all is as it seems. Perhaps there are hearts that still beat where others perished. And always with them is their Creator, the Great Luna, an ever present help in trouble. She offers light when there is only darkness, love when the heart is broken, and forgiveness when transgressions overwhelm them.

Their battle is far from over, but there is no victory without sacrifice. There is no light without darkness. There is no joy without sorrow. There are no miracles without faith.

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