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The Entire Grey Wolves Series (paperback)

The Entire Grey Wolves Series (paperback)

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Purchase autographed copies of the entire Grey Wolves Series, including the Gypsy Healer Series and novellas. Save 15% when you buy the entire set, plus free shipping. The series includes the following in paperback format:

Main Series

Prince of Wolves

Blood Rites

Just One Drop

Out of the Dark

Beyond the Veil

Fate and Fury

Sacrifice of Love

Luna of Mine

Den of Sorrows

The Burning Claw

Tears of the Moon

Alpha Rising

The Warlock Queen

A Grey Wolves Howliday

The Wolves Descend

The Hunt Begins

Reign of Blood

The Hybrid Rule

Wolf Divided

The Gypsy Healer Series

Into the Fae

Wolf of Stone

Jewel of Darkness

Wolves of Wrath

Wolf of Sight


Piercing Silence

Forgotten Silence

Sacred Silence

Resounding Silence


See below for series reading order:

GWS = Grey Wolves Series 

GHS = Gypsy Healer Series

For the best reading experience I suggest reading them in this order:

GWS: Book 1, Prince of Wolves

GWS: Book 2, Blood Rites

GWS: Book 3, Just One Drop

GWS: Book 4, Out of the Dark

GWS: Book 5, Beyond the Veil

GWS: Book 6, Fate and Fury

GWS: Book 7, Sacrifice of Love

GWS: Novella 4, Sacred Silence

GWS: Novella 2, Resounding Silence

GHS: Book 1, Into the Fae

GWS: Book 8, Luna Mine

GHS: Book 2, Wolf of Stone

GWS: Novella 1, Piercing Silence

GHS: Book 3, Jewel of Darkness

GWS: Book 9, Den of Sorrows

GWS: Book 10, The Burning Claw

GHS: Book 4, Wolves of Wrath

GWS: Novella 3, Forgotten Silence

GWS: Book 11, Tears of the Moon

GHS: Book 5, Wolf of Sight

GWS: Book 12, Alpha Rising

GWS: Book 13, The Warlock Queen

GWS: Book 14, A Grey Wolves Howliday

GWS: Book 15, The Wolves Descend

GWS: Book 16, The Hunt Begins

GWS: Book 17, Reign of Blood 

GWS: Book 18, The Hybrid Rule

GWS: Book 19, Wolf Divided



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