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The Nature Hunters Academy Books 2 - 4 e-book Bundle

The Nature Hunters Academy Books 2 - 4 e-book Bundle

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Buy the next 2 books in the Nature Hunters Series (Sealed by Fire and Cleansed by Water) and Get the 4th book (Tamed by Air) FREE!

Dive deeper into the thrilling world of the elementalists with this exclusive bundle, featuring books 2, 3, and 4 of the exciting series. Get ready for an adventure filled with action and romance at an unbeatable special discount.


Sealed by Fire - Synopsis

Hell is easy to get into but almost impossible to escape.

Tara Thompson is an elementalist, given the powers of earth when her parents were murdered. Now that she knows about the supernatural world around her, she has been recruited to join other earth elementals at Terra Academy, one of the four schools that train young elementalists to battle against dark elemental spirits and their acolytes.

But fighting dark spirits isn’t the only thing occupying Tara’s mind. In addition to discovering the supernatural world, Tara has learned that she and Elias--Mr. Tall, Dark, and British and an earth elementalist himself--are soul bonded, which means they hold a special place in the elemental world. Unfortunately, Tara doesn’t have time to dwell on what this means because her best friend, Shelly Smith, has been trapped in the underworld by a crazed fire elemental. The only person who can help her is, Ra Nasir, a fire elementalist from Crimson Academy and one of Elias’s best friends.

Meanwhile, Shelly will learn that burning in hell is the least of her worries because Osiris, the lord of the underworld wants her to rule hell by his side. Overseeing lost souls and making demon babies was not in Shelly’s five-year plan. She will do whatever it takes, even sacrifice her heart to the handsome Ra, to escape from Osiris’s clutches. But will Ra get to her in time?

☆☆☆☆☆ I highly recommend anything written by Quinn Loftis if you enjoy escaping. Want to laugh? Read Sealed by Fire. What to scream? Read Sealed by Fired. Want to go away? Read Sealed by Fire. Love HEAs? Read Sealed by Fire. Want to enjoy new love, true love? Read Sealed by Fire. In fact just read anything written by Quinn Loftis. Seriously. Don’t wait. Get the book now. I guarantee you will be glad you did. ~verified purchase


Cleansed by Water - Synopsis

Nothing is stronger than the power of a soulbond, even the end of the world.

Gabby Gellar is a fire elementalist with an attitude. She has been told so many times by her parents that she's worthless she no longer questions that truth. Pushed away by the only people she's ever loved, Gabby shuts everyone out. Friends, acquaintances, buddies, chums, and especially romantic relationships, are kept at arm's length, or further if she can help it. Gabby knows she could never be good enough to be anyone's girlfriend, much less someone's soulbonded. So why does the thought of a certain water elementalist have her out of bed well past midnight, pacing and cursing, trying to deny the part of her that's silently calling to him, reaching for his magic, thirsting for it like a dying man in the desert. Dammit!

To Liam Nash, life is merely a joke, something to laugh at and enjoy. An endless stream of amusements made even more amusing by the water magic he uses to manipulate the world around him. Liam never thought he'd actually have a soulbounded. He was content to be unattached, a flirt, a perpetual bachelor ... but that was before he met Gabby. Now, he was certain she was his soulbonded, as sure as the sun would rise tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the sun's rising is no longer a sure thing. With half of the royal elementalists imprisoned in the underworld, the earth's climate has been thrown into chaos. Temperatures are steadily dropping, volcanoes are spontaneously erupting, and earthquakes are becoming commonplace. If the light elementalists have any hope of rescuing the planet from the dark forces seeking to destroy it, the elemental academies will have to work together. That means an overeager water elementalist and a reluctant fire-wielder are about to be thrown together and asked to save the world. Could the bond between Liam and Gabby be the very thing needed to rally the forces of light to victory?

★★★★★ You will not stop Reading it! It captures you. ~verified purchaser


Tamed by Air - Synopsis

The warriors of the Nature Hunters Academies should be celebrating. By joining forces, they were able to defeat the sinister demon, Dolion, and his battalion of witches. But no battle is won without cost. During the fray, two of their own were lost. Not killed, but taken.

Aston, the air elementalist, was literally snatched from the battle by a woman riding a ferocious dragon. He’ll soon find himself imprisoned in the dragon realm, and he and his captor share a bond he can’t begin to understand.

Shelly Smith, mate to the descendant of pharaohs and powerful fire elementalist, Ra, has once again been kidnapped by Osiris himself. It seems the lord of the underworld doesn’t take too kindly to being bested. Needless to say, Ra is not handling it well, and it takes all of the combined strength of his friends, Elias, Tara, Liam, and Gabby to keep him from tearing after her on a suicide mission.

The dark elementals have momentarily been defeated. But the forces of light aren’t foolish enough to believe their enemies are gone for good. The dark ones will bide their time, hiding, waiting for the opportunity to strike again. Will the weakened light elementalists have the strength to resist them again when the time comes?

★★★★★ I love these books! I enjoy the fact that everyone's story run into the next book. Great creative concept of gee super natural world! The twist and turns are great didn't see it coming great read! ~verified purchaser

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