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The Forbidden Bond, Book 20 of the Grey Wolves Series

The Forbidden Bond, Book 20 of the Grey Wolves Series

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Vampires and werewolves. Eternal enemies. But one vampire wants to change that by creating something nature, or the Great Luna, never intended. Alice Douglas, a brilliant geneticist, has devoted her life to helping others through science. But when her powerful father coerces her to take a job at a secret government facility, she discovers helping people is nowhere in the job description. Instead, Alice is forced into assisting Cain, the vampire king, in his frenzied quest to create a race of super-soldiers–werewolf vampire hybrids, a mission that has already claimed the lives of dozens of dormant werewolves.

When Cain realizes that Alice is actually one of the highly coveted gypsy healers—something she didn’t even know herself—he suspects her blood might be the key to bringing his plan to fruition. There’s only one problem—a bond is forming between the pair. Another unholy union, one between a creature of pure light and a creature of pure darkness. Before Alice can fully grasp her new supernatural reality, she is brutally attacked by a rogue vampire named Claude. Desperate to save her life, Cain makes the fateful decision to turn Alice into a hybrid by giving her his blood. But her soul, one of pure goodness, cannot abide Cain’s blood within her. Now it is fighting against itself, threatening to kill her if it cannot be stopped.

Enter Perizada of the fae, the one charged with keeping all gypsy healers safe. Peri soon finds out that the key to saving Alice is her true mate, Maxim, who happens to be a rogue werewolf on the other side of the world. Maxim will do anything to find and rescue his mate, including teaming up with the Alpha of alphas, Fane Lupei. But rescuing Alice won’t be easy, especially since she’s developed complicated feelings for her captor. Alice thinks there is good in the vampire king, and she is determined to bring it out. The king is determined to never let Alice go, no matter the cost. Together, new allies must find a way to break Cain’s lethal blood-bond over Alice and prevent the vampire from unleashing upon the earth a force of abominations so powerful that no army could stand against them.

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Customer Reviews

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Alesha Dixon
Quinn sure knows how to keep us on our toes

So this book definitely had a lot of twists and turns. At times I thought ok so this is probably going to happen. Then as I continued to read something completely different would happen. With as many books as their are in this series with it also being connected to the gypsy healer series and the novellas it still keeps me hooked and wanting more.

Kelli Prather
I love this series!

One of my favorite things about Quinn’s books is how she completely immerses you in the story. I’ve cried and laughed through many books, but never as consistently as I do when reading The Grey Wolves Series. The Forbidden Bond was no different. I laughed at the craziness and antics of not only the main characters but also newer characters whose stories are just beginning to unfold. I cried for the time the characters have lost with those they loved and rejoiced at every victory. And the romance? It’s so sweet and heartwarming that I keep coming back time and time again just to see those bonds form. The characters in this story continue to feel like life long friends and I can’t wait to see their individual stories continue to develop. I don’t believe I’ve ever read another series where the author is able to build such a complex world full of unique characters and personalities and do so so seamlessly. I can’t wait to see what happens next!