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A Grey Wolves Howliday

A Grey Wolves Howliday

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The Romania Grey Wolves have been through hell and back. A month remains of the mourning period decreed by the Great Luna, and Jen has decided it's time for the pack to celebrate the many blessings they've missed over the years because of all the battles they've faced. As usual, there's a little crazy, a lot of funny, and most of all the loyal love of the pack as they deal with all the chaos that comes with the holidays.

Up on the rooftop werewolves hide,
Jen’s to-do list is miles wide.
All through the years, so much they’ve missed
“Let’s celebrate them all!”
Jen insists.

Ho, ho ho!
All better go!
Ho, ho, ho!
Don’t be slow!
Up on the rooftop
Click, click, click,
The claws are out on the
Crazy wolf chick.

First comes the stocking
Of little Slate,
Watch out Santa
You might get ate.
Thia needs some soap,
And her mouth washed out.
Oh’ jingle hell,
Is her favorite shout.

Ho, ho, ho!
Titus says to go!
Ho, ho, ho!
He’s a hunting pro!
Down through the halls,
Sneak, sneak, sneak.
All around the corners so,
Aunt Jen will freak.

Up in the night sky, the moon shines down.
The Great Luna’s love is all around.
Her wolves have learned what they never lack,
Hope, grace, and lots of love.
For the pack.
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A nice little bit of fun after some bad times and before some doom and gloom.