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Kingdom of Venom e-book Pre-Release

Kingdom of Venom e-book Pre-Release

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Book 3 of the Kingdom Shifter Series.

Read Kingdom of Venom a week early!

Your e-book will be delivered to your Bookfunnel library on June 20th.

**Worldwide release of the book on other platforms will be June 27th.**



What's a girl got to do to get an antidote?

The Viper King Azure, ousted from his throne and driven into hiding, is far from forgotten. Lurking in the shadows, he's meticulously planning his return, intent on unleashing a sinister plot to grow his powers by creating counterfeit animi. The relentless forces of the Kingdoms of Claws and Fangs are on a desperate hunt to find him before he can wreak further havoc.

And Azure is not without powerful allies. A mysterious voodoo priestess with her own hidden agenda aids him, making the pursuit even more treacherous. For one determined warrior, Katy Dire, this mission is personal. Under the priestess's dark spell, Katy's life is bound to the souls of two captive women—if they die, Katy is freed, but if Katy perishes, they survive.

Her mate, Gage, knows what Katy would sacrifice to save others. Frantic and resolute, Gage races against time to locate Azure and the priestess, determined to break the curse and save his beloved from a perilous limbo. The stakes are high, and the clock is ticking in this epic battle of courage and love.


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KOV review

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Paula Christiansen
What’s a girl gotta do to stop the boat

Quinn has a way of writing the traditional love story in a more realistic way. You know what I mean? True love isn’t the candy and chocolates or special dates. It’s the grocery run, the growly touchy stuff, and the “I’ll go get your grub so you’re not hungry” kinda love.
Once again, the illustrious tribe of almost misfits (and smexy ones)get on board to save Katy, with an Otto and a prayer. If anyone can give her the chance of chances it has to be her nearest and dearest and the growly rumblies on the case. You just know her mate will do anything to keep her safe.
A must read for fans of Quinn and her teen teams with a little backchat, a lot of smartarse and a few threats to make it interesting. Can’t wait for the next story to see if we hear more about Kindom of Chaos or the Silkies.